TEDxMacquarieUniversitySalon 2017

What are Salons?

TEDx Salons are small events that provide the opportunity for the community to be engaged before official TEDx events are held. The term ‘Salon’ is not to be confused with the establishment where people get their hair done. The salon focuses on a specific theme under the format of ideas worth spreading. The TEDx magic commonly found in a Salon include revisiting previous TED talks, hosting a few speakers to do a talk, networking and stimulation of active discussions. If you are considering to take part in a TEDxMacquarieUniversitySalon be prepared as it will blow your mind! The discussions are the heart of the Salon. It will provide opportunities to exchange ideas, open your mind, and expand your networks to develop meaningful friendships. As a Salon is smaller in size, you’ll experience that quality of involvement is higher. This will allow you to get the most out of engagement ideas worth spreading!  


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