Beyond Christmas in a Lifetime: The Best 3 TED talks that will blow your mind!

Beyond Christmas in a Lifetime: The Best 3 TED talks that will blow your mind!

“The spirit of Christmas has the power to change the world in many ways you might not considered””

No matter what season you’re in, there is always great lessons that we can take on board from the Christmas spirit. It’s a life event that happens to all of us and going beyond the joys exchanged, we can take this forward into everyday life. With that in mind, the following inspirational TED talks shall challenge you to consider the moving stories that arise from human interactions which create a better world. This is often influenced by the spirit of giving and it’s magnificent.

The TED talks that you must consider which go beyond the Christmas season

Jose Miguel Sokoloff: How we used Christmas lights to fight a war


It’s All About the Giving: Dan McComas at TEDxDePaulU


Christmas is an arms race: Georgine Getty at TEDxXavierUniversity


The above inspiring TED talks all present different ways of how carrying the spirit of giving can change the world. It brings up the idea that no matter what happens, no matter the injustices or imperfections in the world. Deep inside us, we will always strive for better outcomes in humanity and work towards moving forward. It’s a light that exists inside all of us that we need to cling on to get out of any tunnel.

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So at the end of the day what does Christmas means to you and what are the important lessons you’ve learnt from this universal celebration?


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  1. Thanks for the great links! My YouTube playlist has steadily been built up of interesting TED Talks and it’s great to add to my collection from this article.


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