Stress: This is what happens when you see more… ‘Hell No!’

Stress: This is what happens when you see more… ‘Hell No!’

If you’re in a steady state, considering the following will help you prepare yourself to surf the next upcoming wave of stress!

Stress, let’s face the facts. In this modern day lifestyle, where there are ever-rising demands to meet, you’ll find most of our working lives are comprised of 99% stress and 1% being human. What an eye-opening figure! This kind of stress is unhealthy and when sustained, can lead to various problems such as burnout.

So what can we do about it? Stop. Whatever it is, you are doing right now, take the next 18 seconds purely for yourself. Breathe in slowly from your stomach for 7 seconds, hold for 4 seconds, and then release through pursed lips for 7 seconds, first emptying the stomach followed by your lungs. Right. You have calmed your nervous system, and even if it may feel like an insignificant action, you have made a positive difference. Additionally, if this is how you or someone else’s stressful situation looks like (let’s recall, 99% stress and 1% human) – we can always find ways to get back on our feet, move forward and make the best of it which will all be covered in this blog post. At the end of the day, being helpful to your stress is always the better option than to increase further suffering. No one wants to be stuck in reverse right?

The Clearer Model of Seeing More Stress!

Stress is our biological response to events that are perceived as challenging or threatening. Picture yourself as a ninja diving into the action of fight, flight or freeze. Such traits have been ingrained for as long as we can remember.

Now let us turn your attention to the days of the Cave man. You’re out in the wild, always on the thrive to survive. You are anticipating how you’ll respond to the next tiger coming at you. Fast-forward to this modern day world, and you’ll find that this tiger is a representation of our stress response towards that deadline we have to meet, that performance we have coming up, that exam we have to study for, or that humiliation we seek to avoid in front of others. Seeing more stress means that you’ll find yourself against larger a pack of tigers. That is a HELL TO THE NO situation that you don’t want to get yourself in. So how do we manage all of this if we can’t escape the pack easily?

Find out more here..

This is What Happens When You See More…

Check out this engaging TED-Ed video to acquire insight on stress and how you can avoid it.

What You Can Do to Conquer that Stress

Consider the following remedies and visualise a world full of fun, hope and exciting events that you can wake up to:

  • Think: Life is about dancing through the rain and NOT simply gasping to get through – This is about uncertainty, it’s something that we can embrace and smile at. Just remember, no matter what is thrown at us “Man never made any material as resilient as the human spirit” (Bern Williams). Therefore, have faith in our inbuilt human mechanisms! It’s adaptable to any circumstance and eventually finds ways to get through it.
  • Unleash your inner child and take action today – There are so many great experiences that we can embark on. The light that seems to be lost still exists in us. Therefore find humour, ride a bike, travel around your area more, learn a new skill, watch a great movie to inspire you. These are the many different ideas to get you stimulated.
  • Consider the broader perspective and realise you’re not alone – This is an experience that all of us humans face and so remember, we are all in this together. Think about the world. Think about out of the many people from our 7 billion that are stressed out. We are a community, and we shall unite together in this battle. So go out there and give someone a hug! You need it, and they need it. We all need it.
  • Schedule breaks from the stressor This strategy is so important as our bodies are not built to sustain such stress. In fact, it’s shown that taking a break may be the strategy you need to find different possibilities to get through the stressor.

A Shower For You With A Ground-Breaking Perspective 

Just remember stress is not always bad, it can be useful depending on the context.

If we are stressed out, we may as well use it for good right?”

Check this following video out on how to make stress your friend.


Bringing the Full Package Together For You

Hopefully, you’ve considered the various images of stress, and how to avoid it. Despite its HELL TO THE NO FACTOR for your eye, you are capable of making the best out of it by proactively adopting helpful strategies. The stress exists all in us; it’s inevitable. However, there is infinite potential to make good use out of it. So be a soldier in this battle and share this with a friend in need. Your act of kindness may be to key to preventing further stress in yourself or someone else you care about.

Have you been enlightened by the videos or have a creative way that you deal with it?

We would love to listen to your experiences by sharing them via the comments section below!


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  1. This was a very useful article! When it comes to stress, I’m not the type of person who takes deep and calming breaths. Although it’s a pretty common strategy that’s often cited to overcome stress, it’s one that I rarely use. Instead, I prefer to take a more calculated approach when I’m faced with stressful situations. I consider every other option that’s possible and exhaust every one of them until I’ve achieved my objective. Having someone share their thoughts on what I should do is also very helpful as it provides me with a unique perspective that I’m not likely to consider if I’m in a stressed state of mind.

    Stress is a popular topic as it affects all of us and can sometimes blind us as to what needs to be done. Self-doubts and thoughts of failure are often attributed to stress that takes up our energy and time which should be devoted to tackling our challenges head on. Adopting and practicing the helpful strategies that have been provided in this article can eliminate or minimize stress as obstacles.


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