Procrastination: Sensational Ways of Being at Ease

Procrastination: Sensational Ways of Being at Ease


It’s that time of the year. You’ve been faced with the raging war of giving into procrastination when the ever increasing demand for major projects, tasks and exams have deadlines that need to be met, and it is coming at you fast before you can take your well-deserved break for the Christmas season. This experience can be quite stressful, and for some others, it’s overwhelming. As statistics based from Brandon Gaille’s Publication on Procrastination show that it affects 95% of us in the population with 20% being chronic offenders. Does that sound familiar to you? Well fear not, there are always possibilities that exist in being able to get through it!

So what can we do about it?

For starters, identifying what causes it and why it occurs is the first step towards breaking your procrastination cycle. A common sign to watch out for that indicates the beginning of your procrastination is being distracted by anything that doesn’t help the task even if it’s for a minute or so!

Based on the publication conducted by The Association For Psychological Science procrastination is attributed to varying factors such as:

  • The task perceived to be unpleasant and therefore developing the need for instant gratification at which procrastination is a quick fix for this.
  • Perfectionism often associated with the fear of failure.
  • Getting caught up by other commitments in life that appear to be more meaningful which therefore results in an attitude to simply get by via the bare minimum.

If you’ve figured out, all the above factors are internal and therefore you are more capable of managing procrastination more than you think!

Procrastination: Saving Yourselves against Your deadlines 101

Now that the underlying characteristics of why one may choose to procrastinate have been explored we’re going to cover useful strategies to take back your life today and win the battle against that… PROCRASTINATION! As no matter how much it has affected you, there’s always the possibility of overcoming it.

Try breaking your tasks down as much as possible into small chunks and work on accomplishing one task at a time, that way you can have that sense of accomplishment to keep moving forward as you complete each task.

Restructure your attitude from all or nothing thinking to realistic, helpful thinking. In other words, instead of viewing the challenge as pointless to invest efforts due to your circumstances not meeting current standards the best way is to adopt the perspective of moving forward making progress as there is a much bigger difference in comparison to going in reverse and increasing procrastination suffering.

If you are overwhelmed and not feeling the greatest, attempt the work the best you can and make some form of progress even if it’s for 5 minutes as it’s better than nothing.

Procrastination: Thinking about the Bigger Picture

For a greater solution, we strongly encourage you to do your best and accept your situation now no matter how sticky it is. By doing so, you can maximise your ability to move forward from your true current position. What matters at the end is that you use this as a learning experience to fail upward as your long-term sustainable practices triumph the short-term quick fixes any day.

At the end of the day, pause and reflect on why you are doing what you are doing in the first place. Think about the factors of the bigger goal that motivated you to accomplish it. Evaluate if it’s worth finishing that race or if there is something more meaningful that matters to you more that screams at you for fulfilment. We are all searching for something, and our deeper self is demanding ourselves for it so that we don’t have to dread in regret for many years.

If you think it’s an idea worth spreading, share the love with your friends now and save them, save them from procrastination misery. Empower them to be a warrior in this battle to take back their lives now. Furthermore, we would be stoked for you to share your experiences with procrastination, what it looks like for you as well as any other useful tips and resources to help anyone in this community.



  1. That was a great read! What works for me personally is to remove the emotional side of “not wanting” to do a specific task and then forcefully move yourself to do it, which then creates the habit you need to kick procrastination in the a**.

    Just doing the action of getting yourself to do something when you don’t feel like it, teaches the brain to make that action instinctive.

  2. Nice read Joshua, thanks. The article offered me a great opportunity for me to procrastinate a little longer on my other tasks!
    I heard an interesting talk the other day, titled ‘How to Eat Frogs’. One of the key suggestions was ‘eat the ugliest one first’ … an analogy for how to tackle unpleasant tasks. Once you’ve got the worst one out of the way, all the others should be easier!

    • Your writer has presented the views about this subject in a very thugohtful and detailed manner. Thank you for publishing the article and giving me something to think about on this topic. This is primo.

  3. Thanks for a very enjoyable and relevant article! We are (unfortunately) not all exempt from procrastinating. Although some individuals would rather look at cat memes or retreat to social media for procrastination, my procrastination comes in the form of Netflixing and watching hilarious Saturday Night Live skits on YouTube. Of course, I end up regretting these decisions when I should be doing something else that demands my immediate attention.

    A good way that I’ve found to combat procrastination relates to your first point in breaking it down into small, actionable steps. It’s essentially boiled down to organizing, planning and time management. The more you apply these skills to tackle important tasks, the less procrastinating you’ll end up doing. Hell, even merely writing in a calendar, planner or diary will make you feel more in control of whatever it is you need to do.

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